Contemporary Cuban Art, Art Exhibition Dauville Hotel | The Cuban Art Project “Putting a Giant Together”

Arte Puro-Cubanos Grandes en Pequeño Formato


Tomas Esson, Carlos Galindo, Sergio Garcia, Sergio Giral, Jr., Joaquin Gonzalez, Jose Orbein & Sergio Payares

CUBANOS GRANDES en Pequeño Formato is a showcase of great contemporary artists displaying works of small format, which include paintings,drawings, sketches, and photography.  Our Curator selected seven (7) artists for the inaugural exhibition because of the positive energy & ambiance that is associated with the Lucky Number “7″.   The Curator exquisitely selected the artists because, although different in themes, there is a nepotism quality and approach to their works as a group.

Arte Puro Gallery is located in the Deuville Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida home to NADA Art Fair, one of the premier art fairs held during Art Basel week.  The gallery will be the only on in Miami that will specialize and showcase contemporary Cuban-American artists outside of the island.

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