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Facebook Insights provides Facebook Platform developers and Facebook Page owners with metrics around their content. By understanding and analyzing trends within user growth and demographics, consumption of content, and creation of content, Page owners and Platform developers are better equipped to improve their business and create better experiences on Facebook.

To see metrics on your Facebook Page or Platform app, go to the Insights Dashboard. Only Page administrators, app owners, and domain administrators can view Insights data for the properties they own or administer. To view comprehensive Insights on your specific Page, Platform app or website, click on the corresponding item on the left navigation bar. Developers that need to access this data programmatically can access Insights through the Graph API Insights object and Insights FQL table.

Domain Insights

Facebook Insights for Domains offers a consolidated view of key metrics for any website, even those that have not implemented Facebook Platform. For example, if a user links to your site in their Facebook status message, that data is included in the analytics for your domain. You can access sharing metrics and demographic information per domain and per URL so you can optimize your content for sharing and better tailor your content to your audience.

Claiming a Domain

To see Insights for your website, you must first claim your domain by associating it with a Facebook page or app that you manage, or with your Facebook user account. To do this

  • Click on the green “Insights for your Domain” link from the Insights Dashboard .
  • Type in your domain address into the text box and select the user, page or app account to link it with. If you need to provide access to a single user, then select user ID. If you need to provide access to multiple users then you should create and select a Facebook Page or app. All administrators of the Page or app will have access to Insights for the site, and removing a user as an administrator of the page or app will revoke their access to the site’s Insights.
  • Now copy the meta tag provided in the window and add it to the root of your web page. Website owners must add a verification metatag to the <head> section of the root webpage of a domain. If your site utilizes subdomains, the root file of each subdomain must be claimed separately.
  • Finally click ‘Check Domain’. Once checked, your claimed domain will appear on the left side navigation bar under the “domains” section.

The following are the meta tags to add to your website and correspond with the access privileges granted to a user, owners of a page or admins for an app:

<meta property="fb:admins" content="user_id" />
<meta property="fb:page_id" content="your_page_id" />
<meta property="fb:app_id" content="your_app_id" />

App Insights

Use Insights for your app to track how users are interacting with your app to build the best possible experience for your users. For app administrators, Insights includes feedback for stream stories, referral traffic to your app, a breakdown of what user actions contribute to active user count, demographics on authorized users and active users, and the number of times permissions are prompted and granted.

In addition, it provides diagnostics for your app so that you can track API errors as well as get access to allocations and throttling information.

You can access Insights for your app directly through the Insights Dashboard or by selecting your app in the developer app and clicking the “insights” link

Page Insights

If you administer a Facebook Page or have integrated the Open Graph protocol into your Web pages, you can see analytics for referral traffic and stream stories in the Insights dashboard, as well as tab views for your Facebook Pages. Insights will capture engagement with Pages regardless of whether an action was taken on or off Facebook.

Exporting Content

Dashboard Export
The Insights Dashboard allows you to export all data for your app, page or domain into a .CSV or Excel file. To do this click on the button ‘Export’ on the top left corner of your Insights Dashboard for any app, page or domain. The export dialog also allows you to specify a date range for which you wish to see the data.

Beyond the Insights Dashboard, developers can use the Graph API or FQL tables to access additional data about their Page, app, or domain. To help you get started, we built a sample Insights app for you to download.

Open Data Protocol (OData)
You can also sync your Facebook Insights data with any tool which supports the Open Data Protocol (OData). OData is a Web protocol for querying and updating data. Facebook provides an OData feed for Insights. This feed provides a live data feed that is accessible from any OData consumer, such as Excel 2010.

In order to use the Insights OData feed from Excel 2010, you will need the PowerPivot data analysis plugin installed. Once it’s installed, navigate to the Insights OData Service, click the ‘Open with Excel (PowerPivot)’ link and follow the wizard to pull your desired Facebook Insights data into Excel. At this point you have the full power of Excel at your fingertips to chart and analyze your Insights data.


How long does it take Facebook to process and display Insights data?
The data that you access through Insights is at most 48 hours old. In the event of a delay, we will announce it on Platform Live Status.

What time zone are your metrics based on?
All daily, weekly and monthly Insights data are aggregated according to PDT (Pacific Daylight Time).

Is there a minimum number of users to see Insights for Pages?
Yes. For user privacy reasons, Insights are only provided to Pages with greater than 30 users who like that Page.

What is an “active user”?
For apps, people are considered active users if they have visited the app Canvas Page; viewed the app on a Page profile tab; visited an external website when logged into that site with their Facebook account; or had the Facebook API called on their behalf with an active user session. For Pages, people are considered active users if they have visited the Page; viewed a post by the Page; or interacted with a post.

What geographic and demographic data is available?
Facebook Insights provides the ability to see geographic and demographic data for people that have Liked a Page or installed an app. Location data is based on the geographic location of each person as determined by their browser IP address and is limited to the top 20 countries and cities. All other demographic information is aggregated and non-personally identifiable.

I am a Page administrator. Why am I not able to see Insights for my Page?
Insights are only available to pages which are liked by at least 30 people. Insights will start showing up for your page once your page has 30 users who like it.

Why does the count next to my Like Button not match what I see in Insights?
The count next to the Like Button represents the sum of Like Button clicks, News Feed likes, News Feed comments, and shares on Facebook.

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