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The Cuban Art Project “Putting a Giant Together”

Posted by Leticia del Monte on January 17, 2011 · Leave a Comment (Edit)

Cuban art is well known over the world, especially that made by artists still living and working in Cuba, but this is not the reality for thousands of Cuban artists who left the island in search of a better way of life. The mission  of The Cuban Art Project is to promote the work of Cuban artists around the world no matter where they reside using the latest innovations in technology.

Our purpose is to serve artists through in-depth consideration, presentation, and the publishing of critical writing; and to introduce this work into public contexts through exhibitions, screenings, performances, and educational programs.

The Cuban Art Project runs campaigns that deliver real results, employing a wide range of creative tactics, including: Online editorial, profile management, digital partnerships, viral activity, social media activity, traffic driving and audiovisual content creation.

The Cuban Art Project is always looking for emerging and mid-career artists seeking representation. Portfolios should contain:

* A minimum of five images of recent work accompanied by titles, dimensions, and medium.

* Artist biography listing previous/current exhibitions and representation, significant sales (and prices), education, etc.

This program is supported, in part, by private funds.

Conctact us at:

Leticia del Monte (Founder)

Antonio Guerrero (Co Founder)


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